Stacee, Cody, Molly
Emily, Ellie, Cody -- First Roommate Photo
Cody, Marie, Melody - Daily Cuddle
Scott, Ellie, Rabia, Cody, Garrett
Sushi Night
Stacee, Katie, Kristal, Cody
TWIRP Dance - Senior Year
Piles of friends!!
Cody & Shannon
Halloween 2003
This is one strong Jack & Coke!
New Years Eve 2004
Sarh & Cody - Cody's 23rd Birthday

For Cody’s 20th Birthday, her friend Shannon made her a booklet called “101 Reasons to Smile.”  Below are just a few examples of the 101 things on the list: 


1. You’ve been sky-diving

3. You inspire people

4.  Your name rhymes with Odie!

     (Remember…Garfield’s side kick)

5.  You have a beautiful smile

6.  You can fit an entire pine cone in your

     mouth if necessary

7.  Your boobs are HUGE!

9.  You’ve danced on a bar

12.  You’re trustworthy

17. You’ve got a great mind

20. Talking with you heightens my mood

24.  Your humor is unparalleled

25.  You’re the most driven person I know

32. You teach people unforgettable lessons

      of humanity

36. Your beliefs are genuine and heartfelt

37. You have an entrancing stage presence.

42. You have a great appreciation for music

46. You can laugh at yourself

47. You can laugh at me

54. You’ve touched so many lives and  

      changed this world in a beautiful way

59. You know a guy named "Spike"

63. You’ve created endless opportunities for


66. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

71. You’ve never dated a carnie

73. You strongly affect everyone you meet

78. You are a very talented artist

81  You are an amazing writer

83.  You’ve had more than your share of men

       at your mercy

84.  Sacks Thriftstore

86.  Losing track of time talking on the phone

88.  Memories

101.  I Love You!
RC & Cody - Fun with Straws
Tyler & Cody
Superbowl Party 2004