We camped out on the living room floor

In old sleeping bags by a make believe fire

In a tent made of covers we talked for hours

My sister and me

Keeping the faith; racing with destiny.


She was an angel in waiting

Waiting for wings to fly from this world

Away from her pain

Treasuring time, till time came to leave

Leaving behind, sweet memories

Angel in waiting; angel in waiting for wings.


She always knew she would never grow old

Sometimes the body is weaker than the soul

In her darkest hour, I made a promise

I will always keep

Iíll give her life;

Iíll let her live through me.


She is an angel in waiting;

An angel in waiting for me.

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Sally Newsome sang a modified version of the song "Angels in Waiting" by Tammy Cochran, a singer who lost her two younger brothers to CF. 
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 (modified lyrics)

"I don't believe you could ever fathom how much your friendship has changed my life...You are the most courageous person I have ever met...Thanks for everything Codes, I couldnít ask for more in a best friend."  [Letter to Cody written a few years ago]

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"Cody was always beautiful. She was graceful. She was thoughtful. She was good. The list goes on, but the most important thing, that I think she would like everyone to remember, was her mind. She was intelligent, with a certain wisdom that can only come from truly understanding mortality. She did not want to be adored for her angelic face, but for her fascinating brain. So remember the conversations you had with her, her words, her ideas, her opinions, and not just her smile brightening a room."

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"She was a celebrity...Her presence was so light and powerful and commanding, even when she was consumed with shyness...The magnetism of Cody wasn't a part of her personality because she spent so much time on stage early in life.  Cody spent so much time on stage because of her magnetism."

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John Russell read letters from Cody's friends
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After submitting "fan-mail" to Ms. Cocheren about her song and attaching Cody's obituary, Tammy responded with a beautiful personal email about Cody. 
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