I know her smile is often talked about (how could people not talk about it?) but I always found her eyes to be the most captivating feature of that angelic face.  Beautiful in their own right, but lit from within by a spark of mischief, brimming over with the life and vitality of an ebullient soul…You could see the fires burning in them as her four-thousand horsepower mind set to dismantling my arguments, and her looks of gratitude expressed a kind of care and affection so deep that it could (and often did) drop me to my knees... So many little memories…the countless times she punched me as hard as she could in the arm or leg, laughing devilishly before claiming in pleading tones that it wouldn’t be fair for me to punch her back…her visits out to Gonzaga…the conversations at Perkins over coffee, or on my front porch under the stars, or in my car on a country road, always ending with me feeling wiser, happier, and very, very fortunate to have such a thought-provoking and inspiring friend…the time my friend Jake dropped me off in Bozeman after my Freshman year, consented to meeting my friend Cody “for a quick visit,” and ended up delaying his return home to expectant family and friends for three days on order to get as much time with Cody as possible….She danced her way through many lives, and left all of them changed for the better. – RC T.

Cody and I used to think it was the coolest thing to dress alike certain days.  We would call one another the night before and plan our outfits for the following day.  Everything had to be similar. It

Cody was one of the most thoughtful, kind, and compassionate people I know…We always had a good time…whether it was sitting in her room talking, finding “accessories” for her to dress like a “bushman,” admiring the drawings she did on the whiteboard in the middle of the night, or trying to figure out why the rug in the kitchen was wet in the morning only to discover that Cody might have put Dawn dish soap in the dishwasher because she didn’t know where the dishwasher soap was and learned the hard way that dish soap will cause the dishwasher to over flow and flood the kitchen. – Anne C.

I always admired Cody’s character and the strength with which she faced her illness.  She had a contagious laughter and always a smile.  I remember…the vivaciousness, strength, enthusiasm, joy and liveliness with which she embraced everything her whole life….she was a graceful charming and beautiful woman whose mind and body always seemed to be “dancing” no mater what she was doing.  – Matt J.

I remember being inspired by the beautiful young dancer who shared the same passion for the art I had – but was overcome by her strength, her depth, her private unassuming air of grace.  Cody, you inspire me. You give me value and taught me to gauge my trials, my life. Thank you. – Phillip

I remember Cody from the first day of Social Theory. She was one of those few people you notice right away but can’t figure out why.  I remember noticing that she held herself differently from most people, that she always paid attention in class (that is every Monday morning), watching everything that happened with that spark in her eyes…I am absolutely in awe at the spirit with which she went through every day, at the determination with which she made her goals in life…I barely knew her, and yet every time I saw her, her smile made may day a little more memorable. The intensity of her strength made me a little stronger.  She will always have my undying respect.  – Gabrielle H.

Cody Wins $140 Lottery
at Bannings in Portland

I fell in love with Cody from the first moment I met her, when she threw her arms around me and gave me a great big hug.  It was so kind and genuine that I knew immediately she was someone very special.  She radiated such beauty, strength, and infinite kindness.  She also  had an amazing way about her that always made me feel so comfortable and welcome.  --  Cody, I am so blessed to have known you, and so incredibly thankful for all the times I got to spend with you.  You have made me a better person.  Thank you for being you.  – Anne R.

A slinky, she loved slinkies.  And jell-0, she couldn't resist the rubbery texture.  Some mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken, and hot chocolate…no whipped cream.  Maybe a good horror film as well.  A crushed bumper.  A balled-up dollar bill.  Don't forget the worn pointe shoes and bobby pins…hundreds of bobby pins.  Jack Daniel's should be in there too, with a little bit of Coke.  Sack's Thrift Avenue is a must-have. Numerous papers with praise and recognition followed by a commendable grade. Beaded earrings that dangled to her shoulders.  A pair of blue hospital pants personalized by a picture she'd drawn on the knee.  The boy of the week, or minute in some cases.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  A clay pigeon, only to be shattered midair.

We found a topic that consumed us both – Films.  We broke every

film we liked down into its smallest elements – story, dialogue,

acting, cinematography, sound – everything. We shared our favorite films; mine being Good Will Hunting and hers being Carlitos’ Way, a film that I had never seen and also, to my dismay, a film that she did not yet own… Shortly thereafter someone informed me that it was Cody’s birthday.  I knew at that moment what I had to do…I presented it to her proudly the moment I saw her.  She looked quite surprised that I knew it was her birthday at all, and after some hesitation, began ripping off the ill-fitting newsprint. She had but barely exposed the first corner of the movie, when she stopped and threw her arms around me, knowing exactly what it was.  I was ecstatic that I could make someone like her so excited and happy…After high school I went out and bought my own copy of Carlito’s Way, mostly I think to always have something around that reminded me of Cody. Each time I re-watched it I would find something new to love about it, especially as my education and training in filmmaking in college progressed.   I graduated on Saturday, the same day Cody graduated, with a Bachelors Degree in Film.  As I go now to begin my career in the insane world of showbiz, I think of Cody, my first inspiration, and hope to God that one day I too will make a film that will also be so dearly loved by someone as fantastically perfect as Cody Dieruf.

Cody has always had that very special spark, poise and twinkle in her eyes. One fond memory is of her all dressed up at our wedding.  She was so cute and grown up. Near the end of the day she became a little girl again and could be found playing outside with the puppy.  Whenever I would see her in public with her friends she always had time to say hello and give me that big wide Cody smile.  She brought joy to everyone she touched and made a difference in our lives.  She was truly a beautiful soul.  –Greg S.

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A good episode of "Bug Juice."  A mess that could only be surpassed by a major natural disaster.  A phone call accidentally lasting for hours.  A political book or sociology piece thoroughly scribbled on.  A car ride with all of the windows down.   All of these things wrapped tightly into a thin, but strong - shy, but uncompromising - inquiring, but wise brunette.  Who was Cody Nicole Dieruf?  She was a gift…a marvel to everyone whom she offered her friendship to.  –  Shannon H
may have consisted of sweatshirts that had kitten prints on them, jeans, purple socks, black shoes, and side ponytail that went off to the left.  Or perhaps it was a day that we decided to wear our matching pink flower and navy shirt and pant suit, white shoes, pink earnings, and french braids. It was always a tedious process to plan the outfits.  I think that Cody and I did this through elementary school and maybe a couple of times in 6th grade. But Shannon claims that we did this dressing scheme through 7th and 8th grade.  Boy were we cool or what!! All I know is that I had so much fun with the whole process. – Stacee
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