My partner, Buzz Tarlow, and I each have a daughter, who, earlier in their lives, danced with Cody.  My daughter, Hadley, occasionally would also see her at Lewis and Clark.  All of us were touched and affected by Cody’s kind, brave, and loving character and the inner peace which was such a remarkable and lovely aspect of her persona.  All of us were happy to have had the privilege of knowing Cody.  – Tom S.

I remember taping Shannon and Cody and Emily and such in home videos in our basement. I remember her as Clara in the Nutcracker and then the Snow Queen.  She had unsurpassed grace.  I remember our trip to New York City and all the business and hustle of the city. She glowed with its energy...I remember her dancing.  I remember her courage and remember her smile.  Amazing.  Her dedication to all of life was so encouraging. Her passion and compassion inspiring…Cody was a second older sister. – Melissa H.

Cody and I were paired up to ride the chairlift at Big Sky one December afternoon. As the chair came around, I took a nervous step out of synch, causing the chair to tip as it came under us. We both spilled to the ground in front of a crowd of eager, smooth skiers.  Cody took the embarrassing moment from me by saying, “Whoops! How stupid of me!”  She knew I knew she knew it was my uneasiness.  But, with her diamond smile and bottomless generosity, she sought to cover and protect me from my own humility  -- Emily G.

"Never pass up a chance at adding laughter and joy to your life.  Search for knowledge, read more. Sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to the needs.  Pass more time with your family, eat your favorite food, visit the places you love.  Take out from your vocabulary phrases like “one of these days” and “someday.” Tell your family and friends how much you love them.  Do not keep anything for a special occasion, because every day that you live is a special occasion.  Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment and every day, hour, and minute are special."

Cody asked me to help teach her to drive during the night, so that there wouldn’t be as much traffic.  We went out in my bug and I sat sideways in the passenger seat to chat with Stacee in the back seat, as well as Cody.  She stopped quite suddenly because a car up ahead (WAY up ahead) had looked like a dog…according to her vision at least. When she stopped I was catapulted forward and hit my wrist on the rearview mirror.  I told her sarcastically that she broke my wrist and she replied, “Well, sit down, shut up or I’ll break your other damn wrist.”  I sat down and shut up – Shannon H.

She seemed soft and beautiful but  was also so funny and crazy. She could dance soooo gracefully yet that same body and brain loved these horror movies that would terrify me just to see the previews.  She was so smart, that was immediately apparent if you talked to her long.  Her laughter, her smile, her true radiance.  – Cyndi H.

Memories of Cody
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Cody, Juey, Shannon and I practically spent every moment together, except when we were in classes…The four of us ate meals together, entertained each other, and most importantly, went to the library together. Now, I didn’t say we studied at the library, be we did spend quite a lot of time sitting there and laughing.  We would stay up till morning to finish assignments that should have taken only a couple of hours…Out of everything we did that year, one activity brought us closer than we could have imagined: our trips to Bannings. Bannings is a 24-hour diner with desserts, breakfasts, and the sample platter.  I can’t remember our conversations, but somehow we kept each other entertained for hours on end. On every visit, Shannon and Cody each demanded two quarters for their lottery tickets. And to encourage them even more, Cody once won $140…The four of us made an interesting group. We grew up in different families, came from different backgrounds, and pursued different goals.  I cannot pinpoint the specific reason we all stayed so close…Perhaps we just knew how to make each other laugh.  Because that’s what we spent most of our time doing.  We would laugh at everything and at nothing.  When we tripped, Cody would shout out “Embrace it!” And we would.  We laughed at the stupid things we said. We laughed at the mistakes we made.  We would carry on serious conversations when necessary.  But we preferred to laugh…Cody knew how to draw people in and make everybody feel special.  She never took advantage of this power and strongly denied ever having it.  I believe she possessed a genuine goodness that was more powerful than she could imagine…Without a doubt, you will always be with me Codes!  – Rachel

Cody was inspirational and wise, but she was also really fun.  She liked to grab my butt, especially when she'd been drinking.  I really enjoyed living with her, and I miss her a lot.  – Melody


US Air Force Academy, May 2001…My buddies would all be so lucky to meet Cody and Stacee…It was amazing how many “friends” popped out of the woodwork when we walked into the dorms.  Halls that were normally filled with protocol and monotony were lit up as Cody shot a smile at everyone she passed.  That smile would make your day… “Where do you guys eat?” Cody chimed.  Well, normally we eat in Mitchell hall.  The food was terrible and you had to be in uniform to eat there. Two flight suits were snatched from our closets and adorned with the proper patches and name tags, combat boots got a quick buff, and we scrounged up a couple of female flight caps.  Boot camp was about to commence.  The uniforms were donned, flight scarves tucked, and a quick lesson on who, when, and how to salute. We set out across campus for dinner. The girls were confident, the boys were just praying that we wouldn’t run into any officers. Once we made the dinner line, we thought we were scot-free, but then there were those earrings. Those dangling earrings that only Cody could make look good. “Are you a cadet?” the one question none of us wanted to hear. Cody was quick to think on her feet and did what any military member receiving a uniform correction would do...she keeled over laughing. Of course Stacee followed her lead and we had two hysterical hotties attracting all the attention in the world.  Fortunately, the cadet who had given Cody the surprise inspection thought it was pretty funny too and was no doubt won over by Cody’s always powerful charisma.– Dov  

Codes, There are so many thoughts, experiences laughs, dreams, moments of awe or incredible admiration, smiles, tears, feelings, questions, adventures, goals, lessons, etc. that would’ve never occurred if you hadn’t been a part of my life. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and I’m not really sure if beautiful is the right word, because it’s not a physical thing…You have a light in you that is absolutely addicting.  I love you Cod!!!  - Shannon H

Cody was sooooo sweet and cuddly. She was the best roommate, our house was soo full of love and laughs a lot because of how amazing and loving she was. – Rachel G

When I read this poem, Cody immediately came to mind.  She is the most incredible example of living life to the fullest.  Even with the adversity that she faced, she never lost her radiant smile or her lust for life and all of its blessings.  The way she carried herself with such grace is remarkable.  She is by far the most courageous person that I have ever, or will ever know, and her bravery in facing this life head-on with wild abandon and the highest of hopes is truly inspiring.  Cody always chased her dreams and attained them, all the while savoring every moment.  What an amazing way to live life.  What an amazing young woman.  What a gift to the rest of the world.

Cody's 23rd Birthday

My favorite memory was last thanksgiving here in Bozeman. We had all finished a big turkey dinner and on the left over veggie tray was some olives and next to it on the table was some sweet vanilla sauce from the fruit platter. Cody proceeded to dip a olive into the sauce and realized it tasted like kettle mania, a hint of sweet and salty. Once she realized that she proceeded to eat until all the olives were gone. It showed me that she was never afraid to try something different, even something as meaningless as leftover food. Ali

Hardly a day goes by as memories of our longtime friends, George, Ginny, Levi and Cody flashes before my eyes.  Those were the days! The best days of our lives living in Bozeman close to the Dierufs.  Camping, Barbequeing, floating the river, going for Sunday drives up Gallatin Canyon.  How I miss those days!!   Wish we could have been around to watch Cody blossom into the beautiful girl that she became.  Her smile always brings a smile to my face, something that can never be taken away from any of us.  What Great Memories!   -- Judy R.