2005 -- The GREAT STRIDES Walk is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's largest fundraising event of the year.  In March, Anne Rhodes signed up to participate in the May 21, 2005 Denver area walk in support of Cody.    
Cody's Uncle Ivan printed shirts with Cody's picture for the Walk.  Mike &  Sara, Cody's friends from Denver Children's Hospital, made ribbon pins for us to wear in Cody's honor.
Ivan, Cadi, George, Ginny, Levi, Anne, Johanna 
The team in red is for Cody's friend Mike (center).
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Special thanks to Cody's Uncle Dick and Dick Walter Auto for running this beautiful advertisement.
Anne and Cody's family participated in the walk in loving memory of Cody.  Cody's family asked that memorial donations in Cody's name be given toward the Great Strides Walk.  Anne's first fund-raising goal was $500, but that number was quickly surpassed by the generous outpouring of love for Cody from family, friends, and the wonderful community of Bozeman.  By the May 21 Walk, donations in Cody's name totaled over $13,000.  Other family and friends participated for Cody in Great Strides Walks in Billings, Montana and Portland, Oregon. In total, over $15,000 was raised in loving memory of our beautiful Cody.
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